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Osaka city ⇔ Universal Studios Japan (USJ) One -way transfer

Osaka city ⇔ Universal Studios Japan (USJ) One -way transfer

通常価格 ¥16,800
通常価格 セール価格 ¥16,800
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A comfortable one -way transfer plan!

Avoid crowded public transportation and deliver it to the destination efficiently.

Product charm

1. It is a high number company registered at the Land Transport Bureau.
2. We provide high -quality high -service services.
3. There is a pre -contact system with customers and Japanese, Chinese, and English.

Usage guide

Target area Osaka city ⇔ Universal Studios japan
Reservation confirmation time within 24 hours
Voucher exchange method Printing or mobile
Greeting service can be
Verification before departure The driver will contact you before departure
Driver compatible language Japanese / Chinese
pick up
Drop -off
Corresponding area
Osaka city ⇔ Universal Studio Japan
Pick -air time 7:00~22:00
Pickup time
If it has passed
The driver waits for 30 minutes from the reservation time.
After 30 minutes, an additional fee will be charged for 3,000 yen (7 -seater) 5,000 yen (10 -seater) per hour.
Tour guide accompaniment None (driver only)

Vehicle information

7 -seater

Model Toyota Alphard or similar product
Maximum number of passengers Five people
Storing luggage 24 inch size 4 pieces

10 -seater

Model Toyota High Ace or similar product
Maximum number of passengers Nine people
Storing luggage 24 inch size 9 pieces

14 -seater

Model Toyota High Ace orsimilar product
Maximum number of passengers 13 people
Storing luggage 24 inch size 6 pieces

22 -seater

Model Toyota Costa or similar product
Maximum number of passengers 16 people
Storing luggage 24 inch size 16 pieces

About child seats

Child seats can be offered for 2,000 yen per unit.
(You can choose optional)


Under the Japanese law, all children aged 0 to 5 have to ride on the approved fixed child seats according to their age and height.
If you travel with your child, we recommend that you reserve a child seat in advance.

Infants and children are included in the number of passengers. Please make a reservation so that there is no mistake.

About bringing in wheelchairs, bicycles, and strollers

When bringing it into the car, you can fold it and count it as one luggage.

Rate plan

It depends on the number of passengers, destination, etc. Please select and check.

What is included in the fee

High -speed fee, parking fee, fuel fee, insurance

What is not included in the fee

Admission to attractions

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1. Eating and drinking and smoking in the car are strictly prohibited.

2. To contact the staff, fill out your e -mail address, phone number, or social media account (only available for WeChat, LINE, and DAPP) in the reservation form after the payment is completed.
The driver's name, contact information, and license plate number will be notified the day before the pickup through the provided contact information.

3. The driver waits at the agreed location. If you can't find a driver after arriving at the pickup location, call the supplier customer service number (listed on the voucher) and enable international roaming services.

Get the voucher within 4.1 days. Please let us know if you do not receive the reservation confirmation

cancellation policy

Free cancellation is up to 72 hours.
Cancellation charges are incurred for 20 % from 72 hours to 48 hours, 50 % for 48 hours to 24 hours, and 100 % within 24 hours.

In the case of cancellation (such as delay or cancellation of airplanes) caused by force majeure, refunds and date and time change are possible. Cancellation caused by force majeure is free.

We will try our best to avoid miscommunication with the driver, but if you cannot use it, we cannot refund or change the date and time..